What to Look for in a Solar Power Kit


If you want to purchase a solar power kit to install solar power for your home, there are some specific factors you will want to consider. Whether you want a solar kit for your home's power or for a cabin, a camp house or supplemental power to reduce the bills from traditional power, you will want a top-quality kit that will work well and be easy to install.

Any solar power kit you consider should include a photovoltaic power collector. This collector can be used to heat hot water for your needs or to produce battery stored power for your electric needs. The collector will sit on the roof or other clear spot, focused so that the sun in your area will most efficiently hit the collector cell. The hardware supplied for mounting this power collector should be fully adjustable so that pointing the photovoltaic collector in the exact direction and at the exact angle needed will be simple and easy.

If you want a solar power kit to only heat hot water, you will also need a water storage tank. This can be purchased with some kits or supplied by you. It can also be an altered traditional hot water heater. It is simply a place to keep the water that is heated by the sun until you need it. It must, however, be very well insulated.

If the solar power kit you purchase is for electricity, you will need a power control device which should come as part of the kit. You will also need a battery in which to store the power generated until it is used. If, however, you needs are very low, such as at a camp house or cabin, the solar power generated my fully meet your needs on-demand. Yet, you must consider night time needs when the sun is not generating power for you. This is the reason for storing the power. You can, also, consider generating power on the power grid, using traditional power at night and solar power during the daytime. The choice is entirely up to you.

Any solar power kit you purchase should clearly state exactly what amount of solar power the system is rated to produce. This can be stated in watts for electric systems or gallons for hot water systems. This will give you an idea of how much you can expect to be generated by that particular solar power kit. The efficiency of each installation is different based on the components. It will also depend upon your accurate and careful installation, getting the most solar exposure to the solar panel to produce the optimal amount of energy for you needs.

By using a solar power kit, you can save thousands over having a contractor install a solar power system for your needs. Most solar power kits are simple enough for your basic home handyperson to install as long as they have the ability to read and follow instructions accurately and have the availability and knowledge of the proper and safe use of some common hand tools.

A solar power kit will pay for itself much more quickly than a more expensive contracted installation. Within as few as three or four years, your installation will potentially save you enough money to begin to experience savings that stay in your pocketbook. Not only that, you will be saving valuable natural resources for the future.

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