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Commercial solar power is an up and coming field in the arena of green energy. Any person or company who creates more solar power than they use can connect to the power grid and sell that power so that others may use it.

To encourage the commercialization of solar power, the Solar Power Solutions (SPS) initiative, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, and other incentives have been put into place to encourage both businesses and residential homes to provide excess solar power to the power grid. These initiatives focus on building photovoltaic infrastructure, financing, education and outreach. Energy service providers, state and local government as well as business and residents are all excited about the prospects of commercial solar power becoming more and more viable.

Because the non-renewable natural resources are becoming more and more scare and therefore more costly, as well as the fact that imported oil can be impacted by many factors, more people want to establish a means of providing power for their need locally. The most practical means of doing so is the implementation of commercial solar power.

In order to provide commercial solar power, it is necessary to connect to the traditional power grid. This is accomplished through uniform interconnection procedures arranged with the energy provider in the area where the commercial solar power is being produced, where from a home or business. This agreement should cover both technical and contractual issues regarding the interconnection. This is very important to protect both the entity providing the commercial solar power and the energy companies. It is also a means of breaking down barriers to the process because all parties will have a firm, legally viable agreement.

Whether small residential solar power producers or 2 Megawatt commercial solar power producers are connected to the grid, the power will save natural resources. It may require updated metering policies in the cases of some energy providers that have not implemented meters that can measure power going both ways on the grid.

During periods of peak usage, the commercial solar power can potentially save the rolling blackouts and brown outs that have caused problems in the past during cold and heat waves. This would not only mean that solar power would be saving the environment but also saving people's lives. It is not infrequent that during freak weather periods, numerous people, even in the United States die from power failures due to overloads to the power grid.

If we combine all the natural energy sources, such as commercial solar power, home produced solar power, wind generated power and other options, we will not only save money for ourselves, we will have a positive impact on the world as a whole. The effects of traditional energy sources are wreaking havoc on the environment as we know it. Oceans are heating up, the ice cap is melting, weather patterns are changing and much more is occurring on this planet that will potentially make it uninhabitable for our children and their children.

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